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GPS Ionization Air Purifier Technical Webinar  BY South Side Control (UPLOAD 6/17/2020)  At least watch from 19:08 – 29:52 and 31:30 – 37:06

  •  2:20 Companies/buildings that use this technology, standards and Certifications
  • 13:57 History of the technology and the downsides of the competitors
  • 15:23 Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization advantage
  • 19:08 Benefit #1 Particle Reduction *Covid discussion*
  • 20:31 Really cool example!!!! Smoke elimination!!! Think wildfire smoke
  • 29:52 Benefit #2 Odor Control
  • 31:30 Benefit #3 Pathogen killing *Covid discussion*
  • 37:06 Benefit #4 Energy Savings
  • 39:53 Cool Example!! Impact on Mold Growth
  • 40:48 Products description (we offer install of the FC48-AC) Discussion

GPS FC-48 Review By EcoZapp… (UPLOAD 11/18/2020)

  • 0:28 Visual of the unit installed an operating
  • 0:50 Summary of the unit and installation examples
  • 1:48 Power draw
  • 2:08 SARS-CoV-2 explanation and results
  • 3:47 Testing and applications 

NOTE: Cost/Benefit of the smaller unit vs. FC-48.  The minimal cost difference between the models and the benefit of extra ions  from the FC-48 makes this akin to a cell phone with twice the battery life at no extra cost or weight.  Keep in mind this unit doesn’t go in your pocket so the size difference doesn’t matter either. 

IAQ Solutions by GPS (UPLOAD 5/28/2019)

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:07 Bashing Competition and Qualifying results
  • 2:19 Reduction of Particulate, Odors
  • 4:16ish Reduction of VOCs
  • 6:00 Pathogen, Bacteria, Mold Spore Reduction
  • 6:54 Energy efficiency due to clean coils + more about the competition
  • 7:27 Information for Engineers
  • 8:06 Product line
  • 9:30 GPS-FC48 (This is the one we install)
  • 11:40 Example locations where this technology has been used


  • In this video he looks at salt lamps and whether they emit Ions. (answer..NO)
  • Then he looks at the research on behavior and feeling to see if there is proof that ions themselves have an effect on humans. (answer..NO)
  • This video does not cover the effects of air quality on people or the effects of ions on air quality.
  • This guy is pretty awesome and his videos tend to be scientifically impartial.